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Aqualarm Low Oil Pressure Detector (12-32V) (20111)
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Aqualarm Low Oil Pressure Detector (12-32V) (20111)

Item # 065005
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Item Description
  • Multi-voltage, works with 12v, 24v, 32v

    The boat engine alarm. Low Oild Pressure Detector, is a normally closed switch that opens at 10psi of oil pressure and closes if the oil pressure drops below 10psi and activates a visual and/or audible warning device. This boat alarm installs into an existing 1/8in MPT pipe plug in the oil line or it can be installed by adding a tee fitting to the oil line that will accomdate the 1/8in MPT if there is not an exisiting pipe plug. Rated at a maximum sustained pressure of 1500 psi.