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Ball Joint Anchor to 5/16" Chain Connector, M8304-4-8
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Ball Joint Anchor to 5/16" Chain Connector, M8304-4-8

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German engineers developing the WASI GTS Ground Tackle System discovered by means of scientific tests, that each and every tested commonly available anchor to chain connector was the weakest link in the entire system. The majority of of connectors failed at less than 60% of the breaking strength of the matching chain. Shackles proved to be even weaker. This sobering fact was the base of the development of the ball link connectors. The illustrated load diagrams of German Lloyd's (see further down) demonstrate that the tensile strength of the connectors is considerably higher than the matching chain.

The ideal anchor-to-chain connector must be able to pass through anchor rollers, pulpits etc. It also must be able to rotate in all directions, by adding the ball joint design, the connector will also have a 30 degree angle of inclination in every direction.

This protects the anchor shank from the stress created by current changes.

End results:
  • Longer Anchor Life.
  • Easier Anchor retrieval.
  • Peace of mind.

A must for fixed-shank anchors.

Part Number: M8304-4-8

The patented locking screws prevent the accidental unscrewing of the connecting bolts and is a practical anti-theft feature.

Chain Size:5/16"