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Gem Stainless Barbed Thru-Hulls
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Gem Stainless Barbed Thru-Hulls

S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 5/8" Mfg# 33071001-1430082$13.79
S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 3/4" Mfg# 33071001-2430058$15.79
S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 1" Mfg# 33071001-3430059$23.95
S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 1-1/8" Mfg# 33071001-4430060$21.95
S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 1-1/4" Mfg# 33071001-5430061$39.95
S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 1-1/2" Mfg# 33071001-6430062$33.95
S.S Barbed Thru-Hull 2" Mfg# 33071001-8430080$42.95
Item Description
  • The entire line has been modified and improved to create a uniform look with new features that make installation quick and easy. The line has been streamlined with more efficient use of materials. Cast into the body of the thru-hull is the size ID for pipe or hose. The product line has been expanded to accommodate a wider customer base and meet all size requirements.
  • 316 cast stainless steel
  • One-man installation
  • Nuts sized for use with standard socket sizes
  • Grounding screw integrated into the corner of the nut
  • Uniform head design for consistent look
  • Larger sealant channel
  • Smooth bore inner body to increase flow and minimize debris accumulation
  • Translucent silicone gaskets included
  • Neck threaded to approximately 3/16 flange
  • Installation feature: Slots