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Vinyl Hole Grommet 3/8" (5-Pack) Mfg# 170071

Item # 167129
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Item Description
  • Measurements are of the size of the hole the grommet will fit into.
  • Flexible oil resistant vinyl Hole grommets. Insert into predrilled holes to guard against cut or frayed wires.
  • Product of Handi-Man Marine S & J
  • Vinyl Grommets are used to mechanically protect against the sharp edges of drilled or punched holes for electrical wiring, cable, tubing, piping, hoses, air lines, rope and more. They are used in appliances, display racks, motors, tools, cars, trucks, trailers, electronic equipment, toys, bikes, RVs, boats, pumps, furniture, flags, banners, tents, covers, truck tarps, awnings, etc.
  • They can also used to prevent metal-to-metal or surface-to-surface contact between moving parts, and in applications where push-in parts work better than metal fasteners, as well as vibration dampeners in various applications.
  • Vinyl grommets are inexpensive, flexible, oil resistant and have high dielectric strength with outstanding aging qualities.