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Magica Rust Remover
Magica Rust Remover
Magica Rust Remover
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Magica Rust RemoverMagica Rust RemoverMagica Rust Remover

Magica Rust Remover

Magica Rust Remover 8OZ Spray Mfg# 34E527005$9.88
Magica Rust Remover 8OZ Gel Mfg# 27E527003$9.88
Magica Rust Remover 32OZ Spray Mfg# 32E527002$30.95
Magica Rust Remover Gallon Mfg# 128E527004$61.95
Item Description
Magica Rust Removal Spray
  • Magica Rust Remover comes in a convenient, easy to use spray bottle.
  • Same formula as the gel, but in an easy to apply spray form. Magica Rust Removal Spray allows you to remove larger rust stains and more widespread areas of rust.
  • Magica Rust Removal Spray does not contain any harmful or corrosive acids, so it is completely safe to use.
  • Transforms the rust stain into harmless salts so they can be easily rinsed away.
  • Fast and easy to use so you can remove many stains.
  • Small bottle with spray pump for smaller areas of rust with more coverage than Magica gel.
  • How to use Magica rust removal spray:
  • Shake well. You should wear rubber gloves when using Magica. Always test on an inconspicuous area for colorfastness and suitability.
  • Spray a small amount on dry rust stain – a little goes a long way – and watch the rust disappear within minutes.
  • Rinse Magica rust removal spray with water – no rubbing or scrubbing needed!
  • It’s that simple! If Magica rust removal spray doesn’t remove the stain, then it isn’t rust.
  • Note: Always keep Magica and other cleaning supplies away from children
  • See more at: HERE