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Pettit Rustlok Steel Primer (Gallon) -MFG#6980G

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PETTIT 6980 RUSTLOK STEEL ANTI-CORROSION PRIMER - Pettit 6980 Rustlok Steel Primer is a one package moisture cured polyurethane coating designed for application over any steel or cast iron surface, including galvanized and stainless steel. Rustlok Steel Primer contains aluminum flake pigment which forms a dense, water impervious barrier. The result is excellent corrosion protection. In addition, Rustloks polyurethane chemistry offers tremendous adhesive strength and wetting ability. It is this combination that allows Rustlok to perform well even when applied over rusted surfaces. Rustlok Steel Primer is recommended anytime an easy to apply, effective anti-corrosive barrier coat is desired. Product is sold by the quart or gallon.