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Stick It Anchors

Review: Stick It Anchor Pin by Captain Dave Lear on APRIL 19, 2012 in FRESHWATER, REPORTS, SALTWATER The ability to remain stationary can be a key to success when pursuing game fish in shallow water. The Stick It Anchor Pin is a simple, yet dependable way to silently position the boat. Constructed of solid, reinforced polyester resin with a T-handle, Stick Pins come in various sizes with numerous accessories, including the new Brake mounting system. I have been using an 8-foot version on my 20-foot skiff for the last year and it holds extremely well in mud, sand and grass bottom. I use the lanyard looped to my poling platform to hold the boat in place so I don't spook fish along the shallow flats of Florida's Big Bend coast. Stick Pins are simple, effective and affordable. I can't imagine fishing without one now.
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8 Foot Stick it Anchor Pin System
7 Foot Stick It Anchor Pin System
5.5 Foot Stick It Anchor Pin System
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