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Trim Tabs

Trim Tab Operation

Head Sea Lower both tabs slightly by pressing Bow Down on both sides. this brings bow down while maintaining speed. This adjustment allows the hull of the boat to absorb the impact of the waves, resulting in a more efficient and smoother ride.

Following Sea Make sure the tabs are fully retracted by pressing Bow Up on both sides. This brings both tabs to a fully retracted position decreasing lift in the stern, allowing the bow to rise. If tabs are deployed, the bow may dig.

Windy Chop To raise the windward side of the boat press Bow Up on that side. If this is not sufficient, press Bow Down on the leeward side of the boat. Do not overtrim when attempting this. This allows the windward side of the boat to rise and minimizes spray.

Shallow Water/Hole Shot Lower both tabs completely down by pressing Bow Down on both sides. This provides lift in the stern of the boat and keeps the bow down. As you throttle up and speed increases, raise tabs by pressing Bow Up on both sides.

Uneven Load If one side of the boat is higher than the other while running, press Bow Down on the switch on that side. This lowers the tab on the listing side (low side) to bring the boat level.

Porpoising To stop porpoising, press Bow Down on both sides of the switch. The tabs need only to be deployed slightly to correct this adverse situation.

Safety While the boat is underway, do not move one tab up or down significantly; this may cause listing.

While at higher speeds, do not overtrim. This causes the bow to lower quickly, resulting in a reduction of speed and may cause the boat to veer.

When in following seas or when running an inlet, the tabs should be fully retracted. This allows for optimal performance.

While operating trim tabs, use caution. Improper use of trim tabs may cause accidents and/or injury.
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