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Yellow StealthLite Rechargeable Flashlight
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Yellow StealthLite Rechargeable Flashlight

Item # 004008
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For use with mild acid solutions and detergents. Do not use with acetones, gasoline, anti-rust oils, naptha ethyl compounds, kerosene, turpentine, or paint removers.

Used by the US Armed Services, Police and Fire Departments plus Search and Rescue Teams. The Hi-Capacity NICAD industrial battery pack yields up to 1000 charges. The burn time per charge is approximately 1 hour 10 minutes, longer if used intermittently. The rechargeable StealthLite(R) is 50% brighter than a standard StealthLite. Includes: StealthLite(R), Snap-in handy desk/dash mount base, 110V Charger, High-capacity industrial nicad battery pack, and high performance lamp. Length: 6-1/2; Diameter: 1-5/8.