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Beckson DP50-W Low Profile 5-Inch Twist-Out Deck Plate
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Beckson DP50-W Low Profile 5-Inch Twist-Out Deck Plate

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Beckson DP50-W Low Profile Deck Plate

Overlapping cover conceals fasteners for a clean modern look on any bulkhead.

The Beckson 5" Deck Plate is designed to conceal its mounting fasteners under the quick twist cover. The low profile cover is self-centering, and quickly locks in place with a 1/8 twist. Three separate sealing areas, each designed to chase water away from the plate opening, assure a watertight closure. The bayonet threads are non-jamming, self-cleaning and lift the center for easy removal.

Acetone resistant - Watertight - Lightweight - Non-corroding

In 1972 Beckson introduced the first polypropylene deck plates for boat manufacturers. Polypropylene allowed manufacturers to use the solvent acetone for production clean-up. Beckson standards demanded polypropylene materials meet the product performance of our existing deck plates. This is why Beckson polypropylene has a U.V. inhibitor, and a special copolymer additive for strength. Our unique blend prevents rapid failure from environmental deterioration and shattered parts in cold weather. Because caulking compounds do not bond to polypropylene, Beckson recommends purchase and installation by original equipment manufacturers only.

Patented white snap-in deckplate includes snap-In waterproof cover. Use with any Nicro Snap-In vent system.

Outside Diameter: 7" (17.8 cm) Inside Diameter: 5" (12.7 CM) Hole Cut: 5 1/2" (14 CM)