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Battle Wagon Bucket Blue

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If you've ever spent time on a serious Sportfisherman or a "Battlewagon", you probably noticed that the 5 gallon buckets used on board had their wire handles removed and replaced with a piece of dock line. There are several reasons for this. The wire handles can rust, they rattle and they can also scratch the big buck paint job or gel coat finishes on the boat. Some crews like to hang them from the fighting chair for various reasons and the wire handle doesn't allow this. But the biggest reason that any Mate will tell you is that the rope handle is just more comfortable if you're lugging buckets full of water, ice, chum and fish all day long.

The problem with the home made version (usually 1/2" 3 strand) is that the large holes drilled for the rope handle allows liquid or chum to slosh out or leak and the big knots won't allow you to stack the buckets. And space is always a premium on a boat. The big knots can also snag your pitch bait rig at the worst possible time, like when that Grander is wreaking havoc in your spread.

The Top Shelf Marine Products patent pending "transition hook" alleviates these issues. It is Purpose Built for this application and it allows a rope handle to be used with our premium 5 gallon (14.5" tall) buckets with no holes or other modifications. The "transition hook" is installed and permanently attached to high quality and massive 5/8" diameter Marine Grade 12 strand nylon line using a unique and novel attachment method. The "transition hooks" are made of high quality passivated Stainless Steel and will not rust or discolor. The large diameter rope is easy on the hands and offers a superior grip with wet or slimy hands.

Our White Battlewagon buckets are made from thicker 90 mil material by one of the largest and oldest container manufacturers here in the US. They'll stand up to UV better, last longer and look better than their off the shelf 70 mil retail store counterparts. These features make the "Battlewagon Bucket" a superior boat bucket.

We also offer a 70 mil version bucket in black. These are great for engine room applications and will hide dirt and smudges. You may also know that live bait just seems to stay a lot calmer and last longer in a black bucket.