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Lenco Marine Replacement Actuator (-MFG#15055-001) 101XD-5 (5/16" Mount)

Item # 555500
Our Price: $199.95
Item Description
  • Corrosion proof Vandar mounts
  • Stainless steel ram won't flex, even under p>
  • Double Nitrile "O" ring sealed for maximum protection.
  • Ballscrew spins freely on 12 ball bearings at both ends of its stroke so there’s no need for complicated limit switches or clutches
  • Self-locking ballscrew locks into position and will not drift
  • Precison, machine cut brass drive gears with steel inserts for long life.
  • Tough, high-torque 5 Amp motor easily moves 750 lbs.
  • High-impact, 50% fiber filled ultraviolet resistant nylon case
  • Corrosion proof Vandar cap and mount, stands up to severe loads
  • Solid stainless steel billet end available for heavy duty, extreme duty and super strong applications