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Newmar Phase Three Battery Chargers

Newmar PT-25 Phase Three Smart 12 Volt Battery Charger087052$519.95
Newmar PT-40 Phase Three Smart 12 volt Battery Charger087048$859.95
Newmar PT-80 12 volt Phase Three Charger087063$1,785.50
Newmar PT-24-20 Phase Three Smart 24 Volt Battery Charger087066$895.95
Newmar PT-24-45 Phase Three Smart 24 Volt Battery Charger087067$1,395.95
Newmar PT-24-60 Phase Three Smart 24 Volt Battery ChargerPT-24-60W$2,295.95
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Item Description
"Smart" battery charging technology for 12 volt systems aboard workboats, military vessels, commercial vessels, and recreational craft. These chargers interact with batteries providing the optimum three stage charge process for fast recovery and conditioning, maximizing performance and extending battery life.

A selector switch adjusts output voltage to adapt to gel-cell/flooded lead-acid/AGM battery types. An optional temperature compensation sensor also adjusts output for ideal voltage based on changes in the batteries' ambient temperature. All models are housed in a rugged stainless steel case with a durable white powder coat finish, and the internal circuitry is polyurethane coated for maximum corrosion resistance.