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Perko 0493006PLB 1"
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Perko 0493006PLB 1"

Item # 001554
Our Price: $454.99
Item Description
PERKO Intake Strainers are designed for easy installation and cleaning. Features include mounting lugs cast into both sides to assure universal mounting, four outside tie rods and a 316 stainless steel strainer basket to minimize electrolysis. Screen hole diameter .077 inches, 46% open area. Hinged lugs for the cast bronze cover permit easy removal and cleaning of the strainer basket. A drain plug in the bottom casting is provided for easily removing sediment and draining for winterizing.

Spare Parts:

Strainer Basket 049300699D 001210

Cover Gasket 0493DP799N 001857

Cover Bolt 0493DP799L 001216