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Nylon "Y" Fitting (3/4") Mfg# Y-750-DP

Item # THM04410
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Item Description
T-H Marine barbed wye fittings (Y fittings) are molded specifically to fit marine hose dimensions. A fitting with three openings, a wye is used to create branch lines. It is a type of tee fitting which has the side inlet pipe entering at a 45 angle, or an angle other than 90 degrees. A standard wye is a "Y" shaped fitting which allows one pipe to be joined to another at a 45 degree angle. Wyes are similar to tees except that the branch line is angled to reduce friction and turbulence that could hamper the flow. In boat applications, a Y fitting can be advantageous because it can allow better drainage and may be easier to install due to space limitations. Our Y fittings all have the same barb dimension for each leg.