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AwlGrip  Anti-Contaminant Additive - MFG#M1017
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AwlGrip Anti-Contaminant Additive - MFG#M1017

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AWLGRIP CRATER-X ANTI-CONTAMINANT ADDITIVE - CRATER-X is an additive developed for use with AWLGRIP and AWLCRAFT 2000 Topcoats to prevent cratering, crawling, and fisheyes caused by minor surface contamination. CRATER-X alters the surface tension of the coating improving flow and leveling. Use CRATER-X after a surface contamination problem has been identified and corrected, or whenever the quality of surface preparation is in doubt. CRATER-X is not a substitute for proper cleaning or surface preparation. It will not overcome severe surface contamination conditions. CRATER-X is to be used in topcoats only. Never add to primers.