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Interlux Clear Sealer 2-Part - MFG#YVA328 - Hardner
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Interlux Clear Sealer 2-Part - MFG#YVA328 - Hardner

Item # 048651
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Item Description
Interlux Clear Sealer 2-Part - MFG#YVA328 - Hardner

A fast drying wood sealer with excellent film builds. Suitable for priming wood prior to application of single pack varnishes or two component urethane finishes. Due to its grain-filling properties, the use of Clear Wood Sealer will cut down on the total number of coats required to achieve a traditional, premium Yacht finish - on both exterior and interior surfaces. The fast drying formulation allows applicators to apply multiple coats in one day, reducing the total turnaround time and resource requirements significantly. With exceptional impact, scratch and wear resistance, Clear Wood Sealer is suitable for use in new boat production environment and for restoration projects. Overcoat able with a number of clear and pigmented Interlux finishes, Clear Wood Sealer provides flexibility in choice and the ability to customize the final finish to customer or designer requirements.

Technical Specifications
Seals wood grain and form a base for varnishes or topcoat finishes.
Fast drying formula, multiple build coats in one day.
Clear appearance for use with Varnishes.
Ideal wood sealer for Professional Applicators wanting to reduce the overall work/labor time per project.
For Professional use.